Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Bump

Right after we found out. A picture to at least document that I once had a waist! I am only a little over 4 weeks when this was taken.

Now at 8 and a half weeks. I can see the change already happening. But I was still very comfortable in my normal clothes!

Next is is 9 weeks. Caleb was very into taking pictures at first. Making me stand the same way, the same place, in the same jeans!

Then comes 11 weeks. This is when my mom pointed out to me that I was getting two bumps. One on top of the other!

I have not been so good at taking pictures every week... so there is quite a jump here. 14 weeks.

I will add some other new ones soon. My belly is popping for sure now and it seems so weird that it's so hard! I am feeling the babies kick a lot more now and can't wait until Caleb can feel them too.


  1. Love love the pics and updates ash! So glad I get to share the experience with you! ;) Love you Girly!!

  2. I can't believe how much you have changed since I last saw you!! I miss you much girly and hopefully soon I will be closer where I can drive and see you all the time!!! Miss and love ya!

  3. I love the tummy and am excited for all the little ones!