Sunday, January 16, 2011

We Made It!

So happy to announce that the boys' dedication and our speech went well... and it's over! I am relieved really. I was so excited about it, but obviously nervous too. We had a long and rough last week. Caleb was gone in Montana snowmobiling and I was trying to prepare slide shows and a speech while home with the boys. Thankfully, Caleb made it home safe and we were able to share our hearts today with the church. It was a great day!!! I will update about the speech later... I thought I would try to add the videos and the written speech for friends and family that couldn't be there for it!

Daddy dressing up the boys when we was packing up to leave!

Max-Man... LOVE these jammies! From Coo-Baby in town. They are so comfy!

Big boy!

Luke has officially found his toes in the last week! It's amazing that putting him on his back is a great way to keep him happy now... he is so distracted by those little things at the end of his legs! :)

I was so happy to have such great help while Caleb was gone! Kasey came to stay for a few days, and so did my mom. Auntie Rach stayed at our house too since Uncle Josh was gone with Caleb. I think Max looked forward to her coming home every night... me too!

My big boys in their super cute outfits from Aunt Kathy!!

Bath time... Doesn't Luke look chubby?!

Daddy's home!! We missed him...

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  1. Ash! I love these pictures! They are getting sooo BIG! Max and his double chin! Luke and his cute little toes! I can't wait for Tyler to find his toes! I'm still not sure about hanging out tomorrow. :( You have no idea how much I want to but with all kinds of sicknesses going through out family right now I'm just really scared to give it to you guys. Tyler is hanging with John today and I'm just worried sick that we are going to get the pukey thing from the Moenkedicks. :( Hopefully soon! Miss you guys!