Saturday, December 1, 2012


So I have a ton to update on... I know... Oops! It's been over a month since my last update. So hold on... this one's going to be a doozy! :)

Check out those buns! Ha! Ready for a bath!
My hunter-men!

Making some sugar cookies!!
Mmmmm... frosting!
My mom and I got away the other weekend for some much needed girl time! It was wonderful and Caleb did great as always with the boys all weekend. Mom and I started out with a spa day, lots of going out to eat and shopping! It was perfect!
Getting dressed up to head to the spa!
My beautiful mama... having a fun Thai lunch.
One of my finds from the weekend!
More big news... we bought land up by my parents cabin just a couple weeks ago! We are very excited to have some great (hopefully) hunting land and to have a cabin where I can hang out with all four of my boys as they grow and go hunt!
Warming up by the fire at the cabin!
Visiting Great Grandma Clara!! The boys loved her snowman!
Snuggling in mom and dad's bed!
Playing in the snow for the first time this year!!

The boys love their new picture that lights up from Aunt Kathy!!
They are also SO in love with their new monkeys that Aunt Kathy got them too! They have been taking them everywhere and sleeping with them!!
My Christmas mantel... still needs some work but the lights are nice and sparkly! 
And Max today... sleeping with his monkey that his cousin Sammie named Butterscotch... but he can only say Butter Socks... so that's his name now! 
Ok now on to the pregnancy update...
21 weeks 4 days
Thanksgiving Day!
23 1/2 weeks
Latest picture taken Friday...
24 weeks 5 days
Caleb said 'work it' so hence the attitude face!
24 weeks 5 days
How far along? 24 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: Oh man! Lost track! ;)
Maternity clothes? Yup!
Stretch marks? None, so far!
Sleep: It has been frustrating lately because my hands have been going numb a lot but I had a doctor appointment Friday and found out that I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel! So now I know why and as long as I keep my hands/arms straight then I'll be good... good luck, right?! It's pretty annoying because I can't put on mascara, talk on my phone, or put my hand/arm up or bent for long without it going numb!
Best moment this week: Well it's been a month so can't think of any one thing!
Movement: Busy,  busy baby! Starting to see my belly move which is so fun!
Cravings: Hmm.... soup from the bakery, with a hard roll still. Mexican, Mexican, Mexican! Not anything weird or super spicy just Mexican food?!
Gender: BOY!!!! 
Labor Signs: None!! Hope it stays that way for a while! So strange but I went into labor with the boys at 25 weeks exactly, on a Sunday... and this Sunday I will be 25 weeks, exactly! Praying I won't be timing contractions in church like I was a couple years ago at this point! Praying he stays put!
Belly Button in or out? Still in!
What I miss: Bending over to wipe my floor without grunting! 
What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery re-decorated! Found some material with my mom-in-law Friday and it made me so, so excited!!!! I really LOVE it! :)
Recent Doctor Appointment: Friday I had my six month appointment and gestational diabetes check. I don't know any results yet from my GD test but will hopefully hear soon. And the heartbeat was great today... good and strong. Around 154-158. My baby boy scared Dr. Hyser today as she was listening to the heartbeat with the monitor on my tummy he kicked it and made my tummy and the whole thing jump! Ha! Strong, I guess! :) AND... one more time I measured HUGE for my gestation. I measured at 29 weeks this time. So last time I measured at 26 weeks when I was only 20 weeks so 6 weeks ahead and this time I measured 4 1/2 weeks ahead. Who knows! My doctor is not concerned... but I'm thinking what in the world?!

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