Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

So as usual, I was going to post this update ON August 29th... the boy's adjusted second birthday, but I was too busy and time slipped away. However, I wanted to pause and acknowledge the fact that the boys REALLY are officially two. No more adjusting, not more anything but two little "normal" boys now! Since I have lots of pictures to get to I will just jump into them now...

We've started the potty training adventure... kind of. This is Luke trying out the new potty seat!
I say we are only starting the potty training adventure kind of because it's not really potty boot camp around here yet. The boys are not really totally grasping the concept but we are introducing it. So far they both have had only one successful #2 attempt.... which let me tell ya... is EXCITING! So we are patient and hopeful that they will catch on soon.

Camping this year, 2012.
Camping last year, 2011. So sweet!!! Chubby and missing teeth!
Fishing with Dad on a late night cruise on the pontoon!
Max LOVED the fish!
Luke... not so much!
Grandma and Grandpa came over one night and we all went out fishing again. We got a pizza and ate on the boat too! So fun!
Dad's helpers! Max loves wearing safety ear muffs... he finds them in the garage and wears them everywhere! 

Oh yes, Luke my artist! I was in the bathroom downstairs, RIGHT next to this area and Max came and shut my door ... my first thought was "Hey, thanks for the privacy!"  In the mean time, Luke had crawled up on the table, found a permanent marker and went to town!  When I came out a minute later I totally regretted that thought! 
Luckily Magic Eraser did the trick!
Max tried to help me clean it up!
I wish I could think of other things that I need to update about... but at the moment my mind is blank because I just heard the boys talking upstairs... they are up so I better get going! Hoping to get on here in a couple of days with a big update! We'll see if that really happens...

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